What is Urban Energy Wellness? 

The psychic energy of cities can be invigorating and exhilarating—and at times—can be exhausting and overwhelming. How often do we go through our days without being aware of how we are feeling—physically, emotionally, mentally? If we become so busy that we cut ourselves off to our own feelings, how we relate to the world around us can be effected, too.

Through an atmosphere of encouragement, non-judgment, and empowerment, shift your energy and experience mental clarity, stress reduction, and deeper relaxation. Techniques for deep relaxation and self-discovery include:

Gentle yet challenging classes tailored to students in a non-competitive atmosphere. Focus is on pranayama (the breath), flexibility, strength-building, relaxation, and self-awareness.
Private classes available

Sessions: Choose between one hour and ninety minute sessions
Weekly Reiki Circles
Space clearings
Reiki classes, Levels 1,2, Advanced and Master/Teacher

Creativity Workshops
Writing the Energetic Body: Exploring Writing through the Lens of the Chakra System
Monthly chakra explorations
Online Workshops

Guided Meditation
Monthly chakra meditation workshops
Meditation Cd


Tarot Readings
Forty-five minutes to an hour—in person or via Skype

* * * * *

Urban Energy Wellness really becomes Earth Energy Wellness since my offerings may be applied anywhere. My hope is that participants will take what they experience and apply it into their own lives and communities, wherever they may be.

* * * * *

Holly Troy, RYT, RMT

Holly has been studying yoga and the subtle energy systems for over 20 years. Writing, music, and art have been her passions since childhood.

Holly’s mission is to explore self-expression, health, and sustainability through love, deep play, radical self-acceptance, joyful responsibility, and co-creation. As a yoga teacher, body awareness and compassion are her focus. As a writing instructor, Holly motivates participants to transcend the “inner critic” by tapping into physical awareness and compassion and allowing the body to have a voice. Holly believes that everyone’s story has value, and the diversity of our individual experience is essential to our collective evolution. Through the study of yoga, the chakra system, reiki, and writing, Holly has developed the fun and inspiring workshop Writing the Energetic Body and the meditation cd Journey through the Chakras.

Holly has been a certified yoga instructor since 1996 and enjoys teaching yoga in North and South America. She has taught live versions of Writing the Energetic Body since 2008. Visit here for a more in-depth look at her bio and philosophy.

Holly’s work has been published in CosmopolitanNight TrainEarth’s DaughtersElephant JournalCreative Essence Magazine, and was recently the “Featured Guest Poet” at bentlily.com. She has a BA in Art and Creative Writing from Hunter College, City University of New York.